Full Moon in Cancer – 30 Dec

Dear friends and followers,

I hope you had a great year, despite the pandemic and the consecutive lockdowns and restrictions.

You survived a 12-month period of hardships, and you should be proud.

It turns out I have accomplished my promises for last year – I got a certificate in astrology, found time for daily yoga and meditation, learnt how to control my stress levels, landed on the best internship at an astrological magazine, communicated with professionals, met intriguing people (some of them I even interviewed for my university projects) and was even offered to do a talk in one of the oldest astrological associations in the world.

Apart from that, I dyed my hair in ONE colour only – natural brown. I got rid of the unnecessary material stuff and memories from my room.

However, I still have much work to do, like buying a villa on the seaside, travelling the world with my family, finding a well-paid job related to my studies, graduating from my BA course. Wish me luck! 

P.S. Here are pictures of the Full Moon in Cancer I took yesterday. The sky was simply magical – the Moon had an enigmatic halo mirroring the colours of the rainbow (my trademark since 2012)!

What have you done in 2020 that made you content? What promises do you have for the next year?

Have a wonderful New Year celebration. Be grateful for what you have and look forward to enriching your life with precious moments.


Kristina xx

I tried cooking for Xmas… write that down somewhere! :)

My attempt to make the BBC’s Sweet potato jackets before Christmas with guacamole & kidney beans was successful

Hello friends!

I hope you are well and staying home this Christmas.

I do not usually cook, but when I do, I pick fancy recipes.

This one is originally vegan, but I broke the rules and added slices of cheddar on the sweet potatoes before decorating them with guacamole and kidney beans.

Please don’t judge my video skills – I was simply experimenting! 😀 What’s the most important thing is that I used royalty-free music to be on the safe side of the law.

Happy winter holidays to my followers.

May Christmas enlighten your lives and prepare you for even a more wonderful New Year. Have hope for the future, and you will be blessed by the Universe.


Kristina xx

Keeping up with Kristina

Dear followers and friends,

I know I did not have time for you these days. This was all to do with pressing deadlines. However, I still believe one’s well-being is more important than any urgent task, so that is why I am here, writing those words for hellorainb0w~ – my safe, creative haven to which I can escape whenever I like.

Source: hellorainb0w~

A friend of mine and I are about to start a business with personalised candles (ours are misspelled kandles, to be precise) that will come with a professional astrological reading (written by myself), and a beautiful drawing of each zodiac sign (done by my friend, or, should I say, business partner?). When we launch the site, I will share a link with you in case you are interested.

I started my final year at university in late September (luckily, I managed to write all my coursework for the astrology course before that). Believe me, the first weeks were challenging for me, as I had to scrutinise the nitty-gritty of the enormous projects that I am required to do to graduate – write a dissertation and create a final journalism project (a podcast, a documentary, or a magazine). Now that we have our course entirely online, I started waking up very early and going to bed very late, to get more work done.

I am so proud to have found myself an internship in an astrological magazine. With the help of my astrological tutors, my dream came true – now I am writing for something I love and have much knowledge about. I am also dealing with the mag’s design, which is super, super cool.

Since then I have been draining myself (like usual), as if the deadline for the coursework was not in April, but tomorrow.

One more cup of coffee, one less hour for sleep, much more yoga to do and an immune system to keep…

Kristina Hristova, Founder of hellorainb0w~

It did not take me long to realise that with bad eating/sleeping habits, I would not go further. I was overthinking, overassessing, and overreacting. Something was not right.

That is why I enrolled on a Practical Philosophy Course (online) at the School of Philosophy and Economic Sciences, which takes place every Saturday. (Have you already got a headache from so many extracurricular activities? Let me know in the comments below!)

Our tutor, Nicholas de Mattos, has told us numerous times:

Practise doing nothing twice a day: when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Release all thoughts and just be in the moment

Nicholas de Mattos

We are doing so pleasant exercises such as asking ourselves ”What would a wise person do?” in numerous situations, and the art of doing nothing for seconds, but simply feel, breathe, and perceive without judgement.

Source: hellorainb0w~

This is what I did today, after I experienced a strong headache from reading and using the computer. I surrendered my thoughts for a half an hour to reconnect with my body. The effect was magical. The morning yoga also helps me appreciate the current situation I am in, the process, and not the actual result. The lesson I learned is that

both the body and the mind need a break from mundane activities

Source: hellorainb0w~

Whatever situation you may be dealing with right now, just remember to enjoy the current moment as much as you can, stay calm and positive, an you will achieve your dreams. Good things come with time.


Kristina ❤

Update: now a certified astrologer

Good morning all,

I wanted to share this positive news with you today.

As I was telling you a while ago, I enrolled on an astrology course and I had to complete a final project to get a distinction.

Well, I got the news from my tutor yesterday that I passed the course with honours, and I will receive my certificate in days. ❤ ❤ ❤

I cannot be happier.

This afternoon I will update you on what I’ve been doing.


Kristina ❤

Birthday adventure: Little Venice and Kyoto Garden

Birthdays are such beautiful occasions in our lives, I must admit. Celebrating your existence on the day you appeared into this diverse and puzzling world ought not to be missed. I am not talking about organising big gatherings – not during the pandemic, at least! – just dedicate some time during the day to appreciate your achievements and make a wish or two for the following years.

Every year when the date of my birthday comes near, I like to travel somewhere new. I fill my lungs with the scent of joyous exploration of sceneries and sightseeings. I do that with my family – we get along pretty well. Unfortunately, now is not the time for long-distance travels, as hotel reservations and plane tickets can be volatile. This, however, makes us more creative and willing to explore our close surroundings, doesn’t it?

Last year, my family and I went to the Shard the night before my birthday for a glass of prosecco. The following day we had a boat trip to Little Venice. I fell in love with this place, and thus decided to go back there, one year later. This time, the route was different.

I saw tickets for a tour with a virtual guide to Little Venice on TripAdvisor, accompanied by a game called Questo. Through it, you solve riddles on your smartphone while getting to know the area physically. I decided this was the safest option for a real adventure – no other people, no hustle and bustle, just me, my phone, and whoever I choose to take with me. My mum became my partner in travelling crime (we did nothing against the law, but I wanted to sound pompous 😉 ).

Through this curious quest, we were able to look out for small peculiar details which make Little Venice enchanting. Apart from showing us the well-known charming canals, the app took us to precious bijou streets only a local will have knowledge of.


Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~

IMG_4483 (1)

One of the tasks we had was to count the yellow doors! Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~

We also visited a plant nursery. This space was simply magical, with such peaceful atmosphere and amiable people working there. The arc at the entrance allured me to think I was already in paradise.

IMG_4504 (1)

Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~

The nursery offered plenty of trees, bushes and flowers to choose from. My mum especially appealed to this one with a spiral stem:


Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~


The tour is not about staring at your phone at all. Rather, it is about using your phone as a means to get to a destination – not virtually, but with your feet. We have walked for eight and a half kilometers and it felt so refreshing.



IMG_4529 (2)

A sense of triumph. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~


My mum and I, and the Waterside Cafe behind us. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~


IMG_4520 (2)

Enchanting canals and precious boats with pretty names and rich history. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  



After completing the last task, we paid a visit to Kyoto Garden.


IMG_4622 (2)

Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  

IMG_4633 (2)

Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  


Hello, buddy! Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  

You may wonder, ”But Christina, how did you make it from Italy to Japan in a single day without a plane?”

IMG_4620 (1)

Make a wish! Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  

The truth is, all those culturally enriched places are in London. This is why I am in love with this city – you get to experience a bit of every country in a mile range. While drinking coffee and carrying a baguette, you can sail across the canals in Venice, or simply find solitude among the zen waterfall, surrounded by Japanese bird species. 

IMG_4635 (2)

A waterfall to wash all your worries. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  


IMG_4613 (3)

A resting peacock. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  

Jupiter sextile Neptune – 27 July (+happy birthday to me)

Good morning, fabulous friends! ❤

As you have noticed, my inspirational flow has been rather infrequent these days. I apologise to you for that. But hellorainb0w!~ always comes back. It may be in a month, or a year, or two… You have seen my revival in June, and thus can trust me.


Personal archive (2018). hellorainb0w~

Today I am celebrating my 21st birthday (these days I will share what I did on this special day with you in more details). It is as if the planets made me the perfect gift – the benefic Jupiter retrograde in steady Capricorn forms an exact trine to the glamorous Neptune retrograde in its domicile in Pisces at (roughly) 1:45pm BST.


27/07/2020, 13:45. Source: Astro-Seek

For me this means one thing – more rainbows are to come on our own way. I even created a short poem in five seconds or so:

Yes, it will rain
Yes, we will fall
Yes, the sun will rise again
Yes, we’ve got nothing to lose at all

This beautiful sextile will give us lots of hopeful dreams for the future. We will start constructing plans to achieve our collective utopia (we actually have commenced, with political protests and dissatisfaction occurring around the world). Please never forget we are all in this together (spiritual guides, too). Gods with many different names, guardian angels, fairies, whatever power you believe in, it will support you unconditionally. I believe in everything that is good, and I believe in you and me.

In the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, we are becoming more and more spiritual, advanced and composed. This harmonious aspect will gently provoke us to create art, visions, new philosophies. It is not the time to think about the past. Ask questions for the upcoming days. Make predictions. Love more, hate less. Wish everyone the thing you wish for yourself. Our intuition and emotions vibrate at a higher frequency, and with such a possibility we can deploy the law of attraction productively.

And whenever we try to seek happiness and satisfaction, the Universe will remind us to go into a state of inner contemplation… as contentment is located at the core of our being.

I am finishing this post with a very cute song with astrological lyrics. It is by Ray Stevens and is called Oh, Leo Lady. I first heard this song at the 52nd Astrological Conference in June 2020 and I could not feel more grateful being a Leo. 

– Love, Tinna ❤

A perfect work environment

Hello guys! 🙂

I haven’t posted anything for more than a week, because I am busy writing my dissertation for the astrology course. I am literally draining every brain cell that I have to produce a masterpiece, and then fill it up with caffeine. Sweet, sweet life.

I am always in such a hurry. The more tasks I accomplish, the more fulfillment and joy I feel. I do have time until April 2021 to complete the course, but I am concerned that when I start my final year at university in September, I will be too exhausted. That is why I am spending my summer in a very productive way: attending astrological and journalistic webinars, meeting with my mentor, analysing charts and writing predictions, thinking about a suitable master’s degree, etc.

The biggest challenge ahead of me was to take a break when I feel burnt out. I simply could not give up in the middle of an assignment – I either had to finish it or should have never started it at the first place. When I started exploring my inner self with the help of astrology, I read an interpretation that I am my biggest enemy. I was taken aback by the righteousness of those words. And after almost 21 years, I managed to dedicate more time for spiritual practices, outings and relaxation. This resulted in higher productivity and self-reliance.

I will be turning back to my work. I hope you have a wonderful day and stay tuned for my pre-birthday posts!

– Love, Tinna ❤


Spread your wings and fly high

Good morning to another beautiful day, all! ❤

Have you ever thought what would you do, should you have more bravery?

Would you quit your current job, cease thinking negatively, end a toxic relationship, or move to another country? Or something simpler, like reducing your coffee consumption and going to bed earlier?

Everyday we make decisions and face the consequences. But how to make sure these are the right resolutions for us?

The answer is simple – use your gut feeling. The first solution that comes to mind is usually derived from our inner self whispering to us. Even if it seems unnatural, it is the correct approach to a situation in 99% of the time.

When you worry about whether something will (not) happen in the future, stop your speeding thoughts and think, ”Can I do something about it?”

If the answer is ”yes”, then do not worry. If the answer is ”no”, then do not worry. Spread your wings and fly high. Chase your dreams and never cry.