What is important in life?

If people looked at the stars more often, they would understand how tiny their problems were in front of the universe.


Life. Live. Lively. Lived-in. What is life? Do we life our lives the way we should, do we waste our time? Life includes the happy and the bad experiences, the friends, the family, the enemies. To ‘live’ does not mean to always be happy, but it also means to be able to cope with your problems and do not give up. Never give up. Nothing is permament in this world, not even our troubles.(Charlie Chaplin) The important in live is the experience which it gives you, so you can enjoy every beautiful second of peace and happiness. Family, friends are as important as the experience, so you can give your love to the people you love. What happiness is more enjoyable than seeing the close to you happy? Always think positive, do not lose even one second thinking about bad things. Because time passes, and it will not ever come back. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



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