Short story about the little John- part 1

So, today I’m going to share with you a part of my writing xD. It’s actually a fantasy tale, all copyrights reserved.♠


It was dark and stormy night. John was on his way home. He was scared to death of storms, especially of thunderbolts, so he rushed home anxiously. As he was walking along the street, a man stopped him. ‘Where are you going, little boy?’- the stranger smiled in gloating.

John had never seen this scary person before. The man was lanky and had a haggard, but clean-shaved face with greenish eyes, which reminded John of something bad and dangerous. He tried to escape from this stranger, but the man grabbed his hand with all the strength and started pulling the little boy across the street. John started screaming in horror. ‘Don’t be afraid, boy. I’m not that bad.”- the man said in cold heart.- ‘You will only make matters worse.’

This didn’t make John feel more comfortable, but he didn’t want to make this evil person hit the roof, so he started following him patiently. Soon they got in front of the man’s house. It was a two-storey house, which was painted in a dull colour. The yard was big, but the bushes hadn’t been cut for a long time. The place seemed like a jungle to John – he was sure that something awful was hiding behind the dark greenery. This jungle looked more dreadful because of the storm that night.


To be continued…


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