London trip Day 1

Our flight was from the capital city, so we travelled by car to the airport.


The day started with coffee for my parents and hot chocolate for me at OMV.


The sky became colourful soon, at 4;30 am.


And here is the airport ( I don’t know if all the people notice these chandeliers 😀 )


Soon we got on the plane. It was my first time flying ( and I was prepared to die 😀 )


But the flight was actually really good. My phone was on airplane mode, so I could take some photos from air. ^^



Hey England! It’s good to see you!


Our landing was successful (thank you God! ❤ )

start(8) start(9)

I found 2 euros at London Luton Airport! If that is not luck, then I don’t know what it is. 😀


We headed for the hotel, registered, and I made myself some tea.


My uncle arrived at the hotel, we had dinner. If he wasn’t prepared for our arrival, we would have been lost! He really helped us and I’m thankful!


Then we went to ASDA, which was 5 minutes away from the hotel. The DLR was also close to our hotel, so my uncle decided to show us what is like to travel by ‘hybrid buses’. He made us OYSTER cards to travel with everyday.

start(13) start(14)

The sunset was really beautiful. ^_^


We went to Stratford, which is 40 minutes from Beckton. (In my country, we travel that much from our town to the town of my grandparents!)


After this little walk, we went back to the hotel. We were pretty inspired by the environment here.


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