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“I realised that things are pretty good right now and although I know there will always be the trials and tribulations which accompany life – today I just say “Phew”.” — Jan Hellriegel aka Geraldine Power

2th may (2)

Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.
Martin Luther King
After so many good vibes and emotions these days, I realise that good doesn’t exist without bad. If we hadn’t experienced difficulties in our existence, we wouldn’t have appreciated the seconds of joy, laughter with friends, the time spent with our families. So, be grateful, for every lesson God gave you.

Magical gem.♥

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It is believed that this gem kicks out the bad energy released from the computer and brings harmony in the house. I bought it from one little stand on the mountain road three years ago and the saler told me this gem is mine (which means I can carry it, change its place in the house) and if someone else touches it, I should wash it with water.