Magical gem.♥

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It is believed that this gem kicks out the bad energy released from the computer and brings harmony in the house. I bought it from one little stand on the mountain road three years ago and the saler told me this gem is mine (which means I can carry it, change its place in the house) and if someone else touches it, I should wash it with water.

True love – is it real?


I could not sleep, so I decided to watch a movie. Not horror, or drama, but a romantical one called “Serendipity”. As time passes, I realise that I have become a person who does not believe in the power of love and stuff. So the movie was about a woman and a man, who met at a little shop called “Serendipity” at Christmas time, fell in love (for sure!!) and spent seven years trying to find each other (they believed that if they meant to be together, the karma will led them the way to each other). I was very sceptical about the end of the film (I thought that they will not meet each other, marry other people and be dissatisfied with their lifes forever). But I was wrong. What I learned from the movie is that if you have enough will, you can do everything. Under “everything” I mean all the things that seem impossible. Follow your intuition, your passion, they will show you your way to success, never understimate your spiritual power.

8 March 2015. Presents time ♥♥♥

So my dad, as every year, made us a big surprise for 8 March! He bought me and my mom our favourite flowers and took care of them the night before the holiday. He gave the gifts to us in the morning. We drank cups of great coffee, then we went to the cinema to watch a movie. ^-^ After that, we went shopping. And I saw these cute apron and glove for cooking with owl on them and they were the second part of my present. ❤

8 mart

8 mart1

8mart2 8mart3

My flower flourished this morning aww ♥♥♥♥