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Love makes the time pass, time makes love pass. – Euripides


Love and Time. Two things that can’t exist without each other. We couldn’t have felt love without time and times would have been painful without love. These powers can sometimes try to ruin not only each other, but also the soul. Why this happens? Is there a love, which lasts forever? Will we ever find it? Do we have to stop the time just for the ‘common’ love?

Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Love is a crime in which you have an accomplice. Let’s imagine a circle. Now let’s divide it into two halves. There are two semicircles that have to find their other half to make something perfect. Love is unique art that is felt in many different ways. The circle is the ‘true love’ – there aren’t any borders in it and everything is possible. The common love is like an unfinished picture- you have to add some more objects to it to make it picturesque. This is the first obstacle- will we have enough patience to bring our picture to an end or, is it better for the time to pass faster?

Euripides claimed that the greatest pleasure of life is love. I say that the greatest pleasure of life is time. If we want it to pass fast only because of love, we lose. Where will be the memories from the good times? If we don’t have events to learn from, then what will happen to us? And what if the moment we gave so much of our time to think about it, is not worth it?

We have to experience any kind of love- emotional or calm, so we can teach ourselves what (not) to do in the future. Love is an invincible beauty, which is worth seeing.