Infinity Dream Award.♥


I would like to thank Anjali Dhawan for this nomination. Please visit her site , she posts really good recipes, you won’t lose your time. To Anjali, I wish you to become Master Chef!

So now I have to tell about my 7 dreams. Ready?

1. I want to be a time-traveller.



2. I want to have a super power, like The Last Airbender.


3. I want to be a mind-reader to know what is happening in other’s minds.


4. I want to remember all my past lifes, so I can teach from them and become wiser.


5. I want everything that concern me and my whole family to be alright- health, happiness, positivity.


6. I want to succeed in life- as a person, to have good job, so as to help my family. 🙂careerl-Job-Search

7. Finally, I wish to be care-free, laugh and love more, enjoy life.


I am thankful for who I am, who my family is and how they prepare me for life. I love you.

And now my 10 nominations:


Master chef’s creme soup (inspired by a dream!)♥♥♥

soup (1)

soup (4) soup (7)

Well, it’s not exactly creme soup I should say… But the motivation and the eagerness I had while prepairing it were more important! I had a dream where I participated in Master Chef show. And one of the chefs told me he wanted me to prepare creme soup. He said to think about the products that one creme soup would contain. And I started: cream, mushrooms, brocolli, onion… I have never cooked soup in my life, so it was amazing how I could say some of the soup’s content. When I woke up and searched through internet, I found out that there was a recipe: Creme soup with brocolli and mushrooms! ( I was on top of the world!) We went shopping with my mum and dad and then I started cooking. The end result was more than great!!