I was having a walk in my town, and as always, I was looking for something to inspire me, Well, I have never thought of this wall I’ve been passing for a long time, but my intuition yesterday was good! ^_^ (Maybe because after 3 days we will be in a vacation, and then Easter is coming, and my grandma is having her birthday… Awww, so many exciting things, how NOT to get inspired?!!!) Which reminds me… What are you guys inspired of? What is that power that inspires you now?

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Another sweet surprice from my love <3

SS850359Another sweet surprice from my love

I’m here again ^ ^ So, my boyfriend was away today, and I was really sad because i couldn’t see him during the day. He called me on my phone in the late afternoon, and told me: ” Look outside from your window.” I was VERY VERY excited when I saw him in front of my home with a bouquet of hyacinths <3<3<3<3 At first I was in panic, because I had just washed my hair, but soon got ready and went to see him. ILY ❤

Three roses- but WITHOUT THORNS!! ^^

Three roses- but WITHOUT THORNS!! ^^

Well, today wasn’t the best day. I woke up really early and had a cup of coffee. There was a lot of homework, and i had been writing it all morning. I had felt sick at noon, so i went to the doctor. She told me to have a little break for one week and to drink a lot of tea. ^^ My head is still spinning, but these 3 roses from my baby always make me smile, even in the bad times. ❤