Time for lunch!

I’ve just received my blender and I’m simply in love with it! I decided to make myself salad in the blender. (a tomato, a cucumber, cheese, a carrot, corn, a radish)

food time (2)

food time (1)

It is ideal for overroasted slices of bread ^_^


London Trip Day 5 (last day, say goodbye to London)


We left the hotel at 12;00 pm and waited for my uncle to come from DLR and get us.


There was this pigeon which hit his wing and fell on the ground. I was really sorry for the little creature, but it soon got on his feet (That’s why you should never give up! When you’re feeling down, remember the story about the pigeon!)


We went to my uncle’s house and then straight to Tesco to buy some food.


Our flight was delayed with one hour, I still remember falling asleep on the stairs while there were a lot of people in front of us waiting for the doors to be opened and to go to the plane. When we got on the plane, we had to wait for other plane to land. I cried when we left London, simply because I really liked the place, the atmosphere and the fact that we were close to my uncle. Goodbye, London. See you again. ♥

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