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Time for Latte Machiatto ♥♥♥ (and travelling!♠)


Happy 1st April! ( do not go too far with the jokes!)

First I should say


As April came, I hope for more spring temperatures and great weather, so I can make more photos 🙂 The April vacation is from 2 April, so yeah, today we have to go to school 😦 . But today it is advisable for some of us to stay home, because it’s time for april

and sometimes they can be more than lying about the day. Friends of mine love joking, and in ‘joking’ I TOTALLY MEAN TROLLING RANDOM PEOPLE. Last year, they went to the city park together. It was green and warm at that time, so there was a fresh grass in the gardens. They took some ray grass, and wrapped it up with a paper. (so it looked like a cigarette) Then they chose their first victims -biker boys. The more sociable friend of mine started a conversation. ‘Hey, men, wazzup? Wanna try some hemps we’ve got here?’ ‘Yas, sure we want.’ And the other friend of mine gave them some white paper cigarettes full of ray grass and ran away, giggling. I think they both were lucky, as the bikers did not chase them…

So, today, be more watchful, have doubts about everything you hear, every proposition, every meal you have out of your home. And remember it’s 1april

(the only joke I would appreciate is that we are studying today.) 😀