Jupiter sextile Neptune – 27 July (+happy birthday to me)

Good morning, fabulous friends! ❤

As you have noticed, my inspirational flow has been rather infrequent these days. I apologise to you for that. But hellorainb0w!~ always comes back. It may be in a month, or a year, or two… You have seen my revival in June, and thus can trust me.


Personal archive (2018). hellorainb0w~

Today I am celebrating my 21st birthday (these days I will share what I did on this special day with you in more details). It is as if the planets made me the perfect gift – the benefic Jupiter retrograde in steady Capricorn forms an exact trine to the glamorous Neptune retrograde in its domicile in Pisces at (roughly) 1:45pm BST.


27/07/2020, 13:45. Source: Astro-Seek

For me this means one thing – more rainbows are to come on our own way. I even created a short poem in five seconds or so:

Yes, it will rain
Yes, we will fall
Yes, the sun will rise again
Yes, we’ve got nothing to lose at all

This beautiful sextile will give us lots of hopeful dreams for the future. We will start constructing plans to achieve our collective utopia (we actually have commenced, with political protests and dissatisfaction occurring around the world). Please never forget we are all in this together (spiritual guides, too). Gods with many different names, guardian angels, fairies, whatever power you believe in, it will support you unconditionally. I believe in everything that is good, and I believe in you and me.

In the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, we are becoming more and more spiritual, advanced and composed. This harmonious aspect will gently provoke us to create art, visions, new philosophies. It is not the time to think about the past. Ask questions for the upcoming days. Make predictions. Love more, hate less. Wish everyone the thing you wish for yourself. Our intuition and emotions vibrate at a higher frequency, and with such a possibility we can deploy the law of attraction productively.

And whenever we try to seek happiness and satisfaction, the Universe will remind us to go into a state of inner contemplation… as contentment is located at the core of our being.

I am finishing this post with a very cute song with astrological lyrics. It is by Ray Stevens and is called Oh, Leo Lady. I first heard this song at the 52nd Astrological Conference in June 2020 and I could not feel more grateful being a Leo. 

– Love, Tinna ❤

A perfect work environment

Hello guys! 🙂

I haven’t posted anything for more than a week, because I am busy writing my dissertation for the astrology course. I am literally draining every brain cell that I have to produce a masterpiece, and then fill it up with caffeine. Sweet, sweet life.

I am always in such a hurry. The more tasks I accomplish, the more fulfillment and joy I feel. I do have time until April 2021 to complete the course, but I am concerned that when I start my final year at university in September, I will be too exhausted. That is why I am spending my summer in a very productive way: attending astrological and journalistic webinars, meeting with my mentor, analysing charts and writing predictions, thinking about a suitable master’s degree, etc.

The biggest challenge ahead of me was to take a break when I feel burnt out. I simply could not give up in the middle of an assignment – I either had to finish it or should have never started it at the first place. When I started exploring my inner self with the help of astrology, I read an interpretation that I am my biggest enemy. I was taken aback by the righteousness of those words. And after almost 21 years, I managed to dedicate more time for spiritual practices, outings and relaxation. This resulted in higher productivity and self-reliance.

I will be turning back to my work. I hope you have a wonderful day and stay tuned for my pre-birthday posts!

– Love, Tinna ❤


Spread your wings and fly high

Good morning to another beautiful day, all! ❤

Have you ever thought what would you do, should you have more bravery?

Would you quit your current job, cease thinking negatively, end a toxic relationship, or move to another country? Or something simpler, like reducing your coffee consumption and going to bed earlier?

Everyday we make decisions and face the consequences. But how to make sure these are the right resolutions for us?

The answer is simple – use your gut feeling. The first solution that comes to mind is usually derived from our inner self whispering to us. Even if it seems unnatural, it is the correct approach to a situation in 99% of the time.

When you worry about whether something will (not) happen in the future, stop your speeding thoughts and think, ”Can I do something about it?”

If the answer is ”yes”, then do not worry. If the answer is ”no”, then do not worry. Spread your wings and fly high. Chase your dreams and never cry.

Weekly astro update: Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Today, the benefic planet of expansion and joy, Jupiter, conjuncts precisely the Lord of Death and Transformation, Pluto, in Capricorn. This was even hilariously documented in a children’s animation some years ago.


Source: Instagram -> @chartsastrology

Joking aside, it is no wonder that there is a dramatic rise in the number of people infected with Covid-19 again. The Sun published an article about a new flu among pigs, which could infect humans.

This conjunction does not occur for the first time this year. Rather, it happened once in January 2020, and will remind us of its effect again on 12 November.

So, what can we expect?


A chart for 30 June, 4:39pm. Source: Astro-Seek

We can expect more protests and outbursts of incontrollable violence, emerging from the sextile between transiting Mars in Aries and the two slow-moving planets. (Sky News: The moment shooting starts at Louisville protest). Furthermore, Neptune in Pisces, the planet of disillusionment, mystery, fluids and healing sextiles Pluto and Jupiter. This blurs our perceptions of reality. It prevents us from finding the medicine, which will cure us from coronavirus and free us from its tightening, suffocating embrace.

This day will be filled with escalating emotions and restless threads on Twitter regarding movements like #blacklivesmatter, #pride and #metoo (Uranus in Taurus opposite Moon in Scorpio). We will be able to rest with self-transcending practices like meditation and yoga on 1 July (Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces), only to continue fighting for justice.

We will soon be told to shut up, should our opinions differ from what is considered ”ordinary” (Saturn goes retrograde in Capricorn on 1 July, Mars square Mercury on 2 July). Our ability of self-expression (Sun) may be under great (Jupiter) threat (Pluto). The things we love and bring us joy – going out, meeting people, talking (Venus in Gemini trine Jupiter and Pluto) will be substantially transformed.

This period is perfect for social media campaigning (Uranus in Taurus sextile Sun and Mercury in Cancer), so if you want to say out loud what you think, do it behind the computer/ smartphone.


Source: Instagram -> @polaroid_kiss

It is advisable that you keep your diary up-to-date, as writing your thoughts down will you bring a sense of relief and allow you to heal (Chiron square Mercury).

The weekend is suitable for using predictive techniques and mysticism to bring light to our shadowed side (Lilith) and use it in a constructive way. Do not be afraid to face your fears, but, please, stay safe and protect your individuality.

– Love, Tinna


Do-nothing day

Good morning, guys!

I had a yoga class early in the morning, and I got so inspired to to jot something down and gather it in a post during the breaks between the astro webinars.

This photo was taken near university, before the pandemic was a thing.


Sunrise at campus (January 2020). Personal archives. hellorainb0w~

It symbolises the numerous beautiful opportunities a new day offers, if we just decide to embrace them.

On the other hand, this image reminds us to take a break and enjoy the moment.

If we use 100% of our energy all the time, we will drain ourselves quickly.

I tend to do that often. To be honest, I have this feeling that I have not done enough for the day, whether it is learning new things, posting on hellorainb0w~, writing courseworks or doing household chores.

And that is why I am doing nothing today. Nothing.

(Apart from attending the daily webinars and communicate with the lecturers)

I am going to curl up in my bed, with a giant cup of sweetened coffee and completely relish the moments of warming home peacefulness. I will also take a sweet hour-nap and then have some snacks and chat with other people at the astro conference.

Another photo I will be sharing with you today is a happy memory from an afternoon tea I had with my mum on Mother’s Day (8 March). It gives off positive vibes and makes me hungry!


Afternoon tea (March 2020). Personal archives. hellorainb0w~

Have a restful weekend, all! ❤

– Love, Tinna

Autumn happiness poem



There are many curves on your picturesque life path of success and fulfilment…


DSC-H300. Personal archive. hellorainb0w~


… and your ancestors never cease to guide you through.


DSC-H300. Personal archive. hellorainb0w~


Observing all precious God’s creations…


DSC-H300. Personal archive. hellorainb0w~


… Is it really all about you?


DSC-H300. Personal archive. hellorainb0w~


There are others living on this planet, too.


DSC-H300. Personal archive. hellorainb0w~


Will you help them thrive, or flee?


DSC-H300. Personal archive. hellorainb0w~


Trip to the island in the sky

Good day, readers!

Since travelling is still tricky for some countries with quarantine period (like the UK I currently reside in), I decided that Monday is a great day for daydreaming! Or mind travelling, if you prefer. 😉

Today, I choose to take all of you to a beautiful desolate island, with palm trees, sandy beach and crystal-clear water. Take a deep breath and feel the fresh air penetrating your lungs. The weather is more than suitable for sunbathing. Bury your hands in the sand and think about nothing.


Source: Britannica

It’s nice, isn’t it?

Now I am taking you back to reality. While writing, I remembered having lexicons at the age of ten, which I gave to my friends to fill. And there was a very interesting question there I could not find an answer for.

Have you ever wondered what is the one thing you’d take with yourself on a desert island?

A book? A person? An extra swimming suit? There are so many possibilities.

And what if I told you there is a cheat code for having all of those?

The truth is, our lives are dependant upon something really, really small, even imperceptible. It subconsciously recharges our batteries and makes us rebellious warriors, ready to face our foes, even the whole world.

Hint: this post is surely not about drugs!

Can you guess what it is?


Sunrise in Palma de Mallorca. Personal archive (hellorainb0w~)

It is faith we cannot live without.

Faith for a better day and future, more gratifying discussions, more practical, in-depth education, more truthful media resources.

Because of it, we can create the perfect life for ourselves and humanity. Faith provokes us to leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment. It is the catalyst for materialising our dreams.

If we lose our faith, we cease to exist. We become zombies and start living on ‘autopilot‘, as astrologer Gahl Sasson* says. We may have everything, and yet be blind about it.

So, if I were to spend the rest of my days on a desert island, I would definitely pick up faith as my companion. This way, I would be able to create everything from scratch, and even write my own book.


Port Cafe, Palma de Mallorca. Personal archive (hellorainb0w~)

What would YOU take?

– Love, Tinna ❤


* You can buy Gahl Sasson’s book The Astrology of 2020: The Leap of Faith here


Precious sunset in Palma de Mallorca. Personal archive (hellorainb0w~)

Go against the retrograde

We have all been stuck at some point in our lives where we can’t go forward. Especially now, with six planets (out of ten!) in a retrograde motion + a solar eclipse (happening tomorrow), it is normal to feel a bit pressured.

During periods like this one, I especially enjoy escaping reality. My ”safe space” is a mountain villa I visited with my parents some years ago. The peaceful scenery, the boiling sweetened morning coffee, the simple, yet delicious vegetable soup with precious herbs, the fresh air and numerous starry nights continue to appear in front of me while meditating. On the featured image, you can see the beautiful sunset which we eagerly cherished from our balcony.

It is okay to take a break while walking on your path to success.

Meditate. Eat good food. Breathe. Reflect.

This post is a gentle reminder to simply follow your dreams. Do something small each day, which will change your bigger picture for the better. Find an inspiration in the simplest things. Recharge yourself with positive energy and release the power of creativity within you. Whether that would be drawing, or writing, or keeping your blog in shape… what matters is you finding peace within yourself.

I will write a few words on the solar eclipse later on. ❤

– Love, Tinna

Embracing the unknown

Hello, friends!

Today I would like to share with you the things I have experienced while I have been absent for two years.

The featured image (not mine, found on Tumblr) best represents the concept I want to transfer to you today – a bird breaking out a cage, lured by the sun rays and immense greenery. This act symbolises one’s realisation that living in your comfort zone does not give you opportunities to grow. No matter how safe it is, it still puts barriers in front of you and regulates your movements. Until you realise that, you continue being a prisoner of your own prejudices. The salvation from this mind detriment is to risk and jump to the unknown and scary.

Alterations are not always bad; rather, they allow you to let go of what is no longer serving you. This way, you free yourself from all burdens and continue to pursue your life path mission, more focused and enlightened.

Seven years ago, I decided I want to study abroad once I graduate from high school. I had to leave the life I once had – and go into a country with a different culture and language. To be honest, I could not sleep days before the flight. I was thrilled for what the future has to offer.

Long story short:

  1. I left my home country and started living in London (2018).
  2. I enrolled on a BA Journalism course at university (2018). You can follow my journalism blog here. 🙂
  3. I became the first UG representative of our School of Media and Communications (2019).
  4. I was the only one from my course to be awarded a Students’ Excellence Award for my outstanding performance at university.
  5. During my summer holidays, I began to immerse myself in astrology, that is to say, the science which explores the planetary influence over us, the ordinary human beings (2019). From this year, I am also an official astrology school’s student.
  6. I won a scholarship to attend a very special astrological conference, which gathers the best minds in the field (2020).
  7. Latin became a key for unlocking many astrological secrets (2020).


Every person is subject to changes. I will continue to inspire you with visual content as usual, but I will also focus on creating a so-called ”diary” and working on my writing. So, if you know any writing challenge, I will be happy to take part in it. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog! I wish you a wonderful Friday and a blessed weekend!

– Love, Tinna