Birthday adventure: Little Venice and Kyoto Garden

Birthdays are such beautiful occasions in our lives, I must admit. Celebrating your existence on the day you appeared into this diverse and puzzling world ought not to be missed. I am not talking about organising big gatherings – not during the pandemic, at least! – just dedicate some time during the day to appreciate your achievements and make a wish or two for the following years.

Every year when the date of my birthday comes near, I like to travel somewhere new. I fill my lungs with the scent of joyous exploration of sceneries and sightseeings. I do that with my family – we get along pretty well. Unfortunately, now is not the time for long-distance travels, as hotel reservations and plane tickets can be volatile. This, however, makes us more creative and willing to explore our close surroundings, doesn’t it?

Last year, my family and I went to the Shard the night before my birthday for a glass of prosecco. The following day we had a boat trip to Little Venice. I fell in love with this place, and thus decided to go back there, one year later. This time, the route was different.

I saw tickets for a tour with a virtual guide to Little Venice on TripAdvisor, accompanied by a game called Questo. Through it, you solve riddles on your smartphone while getting to know the area physically. I decided this was the safest option for a real adventure – no other people, no hustle and bustle, just me, my phone, and whoever I choose to take with me. My mum became my partner in travelling crime (we did nothing against the law, but I wanted to sound pompous 😉 ).

Through this curious quest, we were able to look out for small peculiar details which make Little Venice enchanting. Apart from showing us the well-known charming canals, the app took us to precious bijou streets only a local will have knowledge of.


Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~

IMG_4483 (1)

One of the tasks we had was to count the yellow doors! Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~

We also visited a plant nursery. This space was simply magical, with such peaceful atmosphere and amiable people working there. The arc at the entrance allured me to think I was already in paradise.

IMG_4504 (1)

Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~

The nursery offered plenty of trees, bushes and flowers to choose from. My mum especially appealed to this one with a spiral stem:


Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~


The tour is not about staring at your phone at all. Rather, it is about using your phone as a means to get to a destination – not virtually, but with your feet. We have walked for eight and a half kilometers and it felt so refreshing.



IMG_4529 (2)

A sense of triumph. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~


My mum and I, and the Waterside Cafe behind us. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~


IMG_4520 (2)

Enchanting canals and precious boats with pretty names and rich history. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  



After completing the last task, we paid a visit to Kyoto Garden.


IMG_4622 (2)

Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  

IMG_4633 (2)

Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  


Hello, buddy! Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  

You may wonder, ”But Christina, how did you make it from Italy to Japan in a single day without a plane?”

IMG_4620 (1)

Make a wish! Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  

The truth is, all those culturally enriched places are in London. This is why I am in love with this city – you get to experience a bit of every country in a mile range. While drinking coffee and carrying a baguette, you can sail across the canals in Venice, or simply find solitude among the zen waterfall, surrounded by Japanese bird species. 

IMG_4635 (2)

A waterfall to wash all your worries. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  


IMG_4613 (3)

A resting peacock. Personal archive (2020). hellorainb0w!~  

Day out

Hello, guys! I hope you are well. 🙂

I will not have time to write something inspiring for you today, as I spend most of my day out and now I have to prepare for tomorrow’s Students’ Union meeting.

BUT I will keep hellorainb0w thriving with visuals!

Today I had a very long walk in the park with my mum and we saw rare species on the grass.

Can you tell us what this animal/plant is? 😀 😀 😀


Personal archive. hellorainb0w~

Joking aside, today’s weather in London was more than welcoming – with 27 degrees hitting the thermometer and subtle wind to cool us down, Valentines’ Park was the perfect spot for sunbathing.

We did not take photos, apart from this one while we were leaving.

We simply cherished the precious moments under the sun rays… with cherries. ❤

Tonight I will post some good-quality photos of the same park, made during autumn 2018 with my old friend Sony DSC H300.

Consider it as a throwback. 😉

Now, back to work!

– Love, Tinna


London Trip Day 5 (last day, say goodbye to London)


We left the hotel at 12;00 pm and waited for my uncle to come from DLR and get us.


There was this pigeon which hit his wing and fell on the ground. I was really sorry for the little creature, but it soon got on his feet (That’s why you should never give up! When you’re feeling down, remember the story about the pigeon!)


We went to my uncle’s house and then straight to Tesco to buy some food.


Our flight was delayed with one hour, I still remember falling asleep on the stairs while there were a lot of people in front of us waiting for the doors to be opened and to go to the plane. When we got on the plane, we had to wait for other plane to land. I cried when we left London, simply because I really liked the place, the atmosphere and the fact that we were close to my uncle. Goodbye, London. See you again. ♥

London Trip Day 4


In my favourite way of transport: DLR. Destination: Tower Bridge




Ice-cream! Yummy! ♠






And here are we, having latte at Picadilly Whip, with my headless friend.



St Paul’s Cathedral


I really liked the zodiac signs around the sun 🙂


I’ve never seen black telephone cabin before… Are they rare?


On our way to Covent Garden…


Amazing bar!


Covent Garden…


…and the market. They sell really interesting pictures, souvenirs.


Dior and Chanel are close to each other…


Some Belgian chocolate and the guy working there. I found him really handsome aww ♥♥♥♥♥♥


1july(20) 1july(21)

I feel like I found myself in this shop.♥


And, having some dinner after this long day wouldn’t be a bad idea I think?!

London trip Day 3 part 2


London Bridge





I really love this photo. It simply reminds me of the hustle and bustle in the city. By the way, I was the biggest fan of newspapers taken from the underground! ^_^


And here are we, at DLR at 8pm, heading for the lift.


I like the sky in this photo.


And some photos from the lift. Amazing…


And our trip came to an end! We had to go back to Beckton via DLR.

London trip Day 3 part 1


The National gallery



One really colourful pub, The Red Lion.


We were on our way to Buckingham Palace, so we decided to have a rest at St. James’s Park.



Here are us, at St. James’s Park. What I noticed here was how carefree are the people here when their clothes matter. They sit with the costumes, white shirts, they even lay on the grass without worries! I really liked this.



The palace was really astonishing. The teenagers with green T-shirts really knew how to have fun.



To be continued…

London Trip Day 2 (part 2)



It was amazing when we got on the taxi. We went through the entire history of England, and it was very interesting. ^_^


Many many Oscars…


I even liked one university, UEL. And I hope I would be accepted in it after years. ❤


Some mugs which I bought for my friends ❤