Trip with motorcycle: Odrintsi, Bulgaria

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The trip ended with an amazing sunset ❤


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Good morning ♥

life tree

The sun, a tree, clouds and lines left from airplanes. Circle of life.

Don’t forget to appreciate the beauty of life, even if it’s Monday morning. If you seek inspiration and crave for it, you can find it in the Sun, the stars, the simply but astonishing things that are around you, for example, a visit from your family and friends, a kiss from the beloved one, sweet and positive words, that do not harm, but make you feel optimistic, even ‘I love you’ is enough. To be creative means to be in love with life. Love yourself, your life, the circle of your closest people and even the people that do not like you. Love can heal the world, so fill your heart with a lot of it and never take off your smile from your face! Have a good day everyone! ❤ ^_^

Love makes the time pass, time makes love pass. – Euripides


Love and Time. Two things that can’t exist without each other. We couldn’t have felt love without time and times would have been painful without love. These powers can sometimes try to ruin not only each other, but also the soul. Why this happens? Is there a love, which lasts forever? Will we ever find it? Do we have to stop the time just for the ‘common’ love?

Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Love is a crime in which you have an accomplice. Let’s imagine a circle. Now let’s divide it into two halves. There are two semicircles that have to find their other half to make something perfect. Love is unique art that is felt in many different ways. The circle is the ‘true love’ – there aren’t any borders in it and everything is possible. The common love is like an unfinished picture- you have to add some more objects to it to make it picturesque. This is the first obstacle- will we have enough patience to bring our picture to an end or, is it better for the time to pass faster?

Euripides claimed that the greatest pleasure of life is love. I say that the greatest pleasure of life is time. If we want it to pass fast only because of love, we lose. Where will be the memories from the good times? If we don’t have events to learn from, then what will happen to us? And what if the moment we gave so much of our time to think about it, is not worth it?

We have to experience any kind of love- emotional or calm, so we can teach ourselves what (not) to do in the future. Love is an invincible beauty, which is worth seeing.

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Travel widely, eat adventurously, love passionately, dare with abandon, learn with a voracious appetite, risk being hurt, get far outside of your comfort zone.

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Gift without a reason

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So, I passed through a little flower-shop and I saw this beautiful bouquet. I asked myself this question “Should we wait a birthday, a holiday, any reason to make a gift to our lovely mother?” Well, the answer was no. Time is passing, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. You are sure about now and only. It’s good to make surprises from time to time- you show your love towards the others, and at the same time you challenge yourself. ♥

Master chef’s creme soup (inspired by a dream!)♥♥♥

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Well, it’s not exactly creme soup I should say… But the motivation and the eagerness I had while prepairing it were more important! I had a dream where I participated in Master Chef show. And one of the chefs told me he wanted me to prepare creme soup. He said to think about the products that one creme soup would contain. And I started: cream, mushrooms, brocolli, onion… I have never cooked soup in my life, so it was amazing how I could say some of the soup’s content. When I woke up and searched through internet, I found out that there was a recipe: Creme soup with brocolli and mushrooms! ( I was on top of the world!) We went shopping with my mum and dad and then I started cooking. The end result was more than great!!