Short story about the little John- part 2


The house inside was different from what the boy expected- it was warm and the atmosphere was comfortable. The rooms were pink and there were flowers on the walls. ‘Please, have a seat.’- the man begged John.- ‘Do you want something to eat or drink?’ – ‘I don’t need your hospitality, sir.’- John replied with confidence. – ‘Could you just tell me, please, why did you kidnap me? What do you want from me? How could I be useful for you?’

The strange man got a very serious expression. ‘ I didn’t kidnap you. I just wanted to tell you that the world needs you now.’- ‘What do you mean with that?’ – John asked with surprise. – ‘The humanity is in a great danger. Last night I saw some terrific news on the TV; they were showing pictures of an alien spaceship, landing in this town. The person who took the photos has been missing since that day. The police had found only his camera and the pictures in it. It’s possible that aliens had carried him away, but nobody knows where he may be now. I’m sure that the aliens don’t want to be discussed and examined carefully by the human race, so they could cause damage to our planet because they might be angry about these broadcasts on TV. I’m really afraid!!’- the man almost started crying.

The man’s news came as a shock to John- he was just a little boy, who loved riding his bike. But what should he do to save his planet, where he, his family and friends live, where birds are singing, sun is shining, wind is blowing, stars are twinkling during the night? While he was wondering, the strange man smiled cheerfully and tapped John’s shoulder. ‘I’m joking. I’m just an old friend of your grandpa. He was worried about you and told me to look for you everywhere. Eh, I had found you. Now you are going home…’