I start a journey to London ♥♥♥♥♥


My flight is tomorrow from 12;00am, but I’m going to start my travelling to the airport by car with my family at 2;00am (we have 8-10 hours with car, the airport in the capital is quite away from our town 😀 ). And, if everything is alright, at 13;30pm my time we will be in London ( I hope that this two-hour difference won’t matter that much 😀 ). We are going to be in a hotel, but we will visit my uncle too (his home is 20 minutes from the hotel, pretty close for London). We are staying for 1 week in London, we are going to see landmarks of the city and my future university, I hope. Our back-flight is at 19;30pm London time. After we get in my home country, we are starting a trip (a trip in the journey) to our favourite sea resort. I am going to post a lot of stuff, so don’t forget the Shining star! ❤


St Vlas, Bulgaria – very special place to me

I know only one thing- I love this place. So beautiful, natural and peaceful. The people were unknown, which was better for me, i like to be on new places, with new people.  There was magic in the air, i felt so comfortably here that i didn’t want to go home, i wished i can stay here forever. St. Vlas is very special to me place. I’ll definetely visit again as soon as I can.



Yesterday we went out of the town. Just to take some fresh air and have a walk. It was 5 o’clock pm and we stayed there for three hours. Btw, we decided in which hotel to go. It’s near the sea!! ^^ – only 20 metres walk. We’ll stay in the hotel for one week. We’re traveling this Monday. I’ll keep in touch with you, guys!! ^^ 🙂