Delicious dessert! ♥♥♥

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So, this tasty creme contains nutella at the top, covered with white and black choco pieces, yoghurt with orange pieces under the chocolate, with little taste of coffee at the bottom and base for cake! Enjoy! ❤


I think I found Pinocchio’s tomato cousin! :D #thebestinventionever

I can’t imagine I took this photo almost two years ago. But isn’t it cutee? ^^

Shining Star

I think I found Pinocchio's tomato cousin! :D #thebestinventionever

I got my phone in my hand immediately, when i saw the tomato. Sorry, but i couldn’t keep in control my desire to make him eyes and mouth.

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8 March 2015. Presents time ♥♥♥

So my dad, as every year, made us a big surprise for 8 March! He bought me and my mom our favourite flowers and took care of them the night before the holiday. He gave the gifts to us in the morning. We drank cups of great coffee, then we went to the cinema to watch a movie. ^-^ After that, we went shopping. And I saw these cute apron and glove for cooking with owl on them and they were the second part of my present. ❤

8 mart

8 mart1

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My flower flourished this morning aww ♥♥♥♥