Midnight drawing

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Life lesson


Do you always think that we live in a cruel world, there isn’t any humanity left, people are selfish and hate each other? But, have you ever thought that you are a part of The People? Yes, you, who are reading this right now- you can change the world! You have to take the first step- help other people with what you can, make new friends, be the light they need.


If you give one little thing from yourself to other person, you will receive only good things- understanding, support.


So, don’t be afraid to share with people, to do good, because happiness is what you give to other people. Your life will be better, your thinking will be on higher level, you will gain wings to fly, you will free yourself from all the chains that stop you from dreaming. Hostile people live in hostile world, happy people live in happy world, pessimistic people- in pessimistic world. Remember that. #do good


Love makes the time pass, time makes love pass. – Euripides


Love and Time. Two things that can’t exist without each other. We couldn’t have felt love without time and times would have been painful without love. These powers can sometimes try to ruin not only each other, but also the soul. Why this happens? Is there a love, which lasts forever? Will we ever find it? Do we have to stop the time just for the ‘common’ love?

Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Love is a crime in which you have an accomplice. Let’s imagine a circle. Now let’s divide it into two halves. There are two semicircles that have to find their other half to make something perfect. Love is unique art that is felt in many different ways. The circle is the ‘true love’ – there aren’t any borders in it and everything is possible. The common love is like an unfinished picture- you have to add some more objects to it to make it picturesque. This is the first obstacle- will we have enough patience to bring our picture to an end or, is it better for the time to pass faster?

Euripides claimed that the greatest pleasure of life is love. I say that the greatest pleasure of life is time. If we want it to pass fast only because of love, we lose. Where will be the memories from the good times? If we don’t have events to learn from, then what will happen to us? And what if the moment we gave so much of our time to think about it, is not worth it?

We have to experience any kind of love- emotional or calm, so we can teach ourselves what (not) to do in the future. Love is an invincible beauty, which is worth seeing.

Gift without a reason

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So, I passed through a little flower-shop and I saw this beautiful bouquet. I asked myself this question “Should we wait a birthday, a holiday, any reason to make a gift to our lovely mother?” Well, the answer was no. Time is passing, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. You are sure about now and only. It’s good to make surprises from time to time- you show your love towards the others, and at the same time you challenge yourself. ♥

What if sleeping is our natural state, and we’re only awake to gather information for dreams?

What if the world we’re living now is just an illusion, in which we have to survive to see Heaven? We as souls are not an illusion, but maybe our bodies and the world we are living in are. They are temporary. But our souls are the sign of infinity. Think of this: Whenever you have bad days, remember that you are still on your way to success, happiness, and dreams. Just because you do not have very best day does not mean that you stopped chasing your goals. Believe in yourself, because you cannot have a rainbow without a little rain. ^_^ ❤


True love-is it real?


I could not sleep, so I decided to watch a movie. Not horror, or drama, but a romantical one called “Serendipity”. As time passes, I realise that I have become a person who does not believe in the power of love and stuff. So the movie was about a woman and a man, who met at a little shop called “Serendipity” at Christmas time, fell in love (for sure!!) and spent seven years trying to find each other (they believed that if they meant to be together, the karma will led them the way to each other). I was very sceptical about the end of the film (I thought that they will not meet each other, marry other people and be dissatisfied with their lifes forever). But I was wrong. What I learned from the movie is that if you have enough will, you can do everything. Under “everything” I mean all the things that seem impossible. Follow your intuition, your passion, they will show you your way to success, never understimate your spiritual power.

What is important in life?

If people looked at the stars more often, they would understand how tiny their problems were in front of the universe.


Life. Live. Lively. Lived-in. What is life? Do we life our lives the way we should, do we waste our time? Life includes the happy and the bad experiences, the friends, the family, the enemies. To ‘live’ does not mean to always be happy, but it also means to be able to cope with your problems and do not give up. Never give up. Nothing is permament in this world, not even our troubles.(Charlie Chaplin) The important in live is the experience which it gives you, so you can enjoy every beautiful second of peace and happiness. Family, friends are as important as the experience, so you can give your love to the people you love. What happiness is more enjoyable than seeing the close to you happy? Always think positive, do not lose even one second thinking about bad things. Because time passes, and it will not ever come back. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂