A little lesson for all of us

I wrote this months ago for my English class. ^_^

 Being in a bad mood yesterday, I started to think about all the unpleasant things that happened to me in the past, which made me upset more. I lost motivation and I just wanted to cry all day in my bed.

     Walking home, I saw a beggar sitting on the dirt cold ground. ‘What happened, little miss?’, he asked me with sympathy. ‘Well, I had some problems with a girl from my school. This situation totally got on my nerves’, I said. ‘I don’t know if it could get worse.’

    The beggar smiled. ‘So, you don’t have a sick relative?’, he questioned me. ‘No.’ ‘Not even a dying pet? Or a disease you can’t cure?’ ‘I hope not.’, I shivered thinking about the things he mentioned. ‘Hm, it looks like I have more happiness than you. No, sorry, I said it wrong. We both have the same chances to be happy. Try to see the little good things more and try to make good to people- help them, treat them good, be a human.‘, he replied with a touching voice. ‘I don’t have a family, a house, a car not even ten fingers on my legs- they are 8 actually, but do you know what makes me happy and satisfied with my life? Helping other people to see the best from each moment and never miss it. Because you can’t repeat the past, but the memories remain forever.

   I felt ashamed of myself, losing all afternoon in bad thoughts. ‘Do you know what? You definitely deserve a better life. Good people like you mustn’t live that way.’, a tear escaped from my eye and I gave this person all the money I have in myself. ‘No, please, take the half, so you can give something to other people like me too.‘, he returned the half. ‘Thank you, mister’, I waved at him for goodbye and went to the store to buy something for my family.



Life lesson


Do you always think that we live in a cruel world, there isn’t any humanity left, people are selfish and hate each other? But, have you ever thought that you are a part of The People? Yes, you, who are reading this right now- you can change the world! You have to take the first step- help other people with what you can, make new friends, be the light they need.


If you give one little thing from yourself to other person, you will receive only good things- understanding, support.


So, don’t be afraid to share with people, to do good, because happiness is what you give to other people. Your life will be better, your thinking will be on higher level, you will gain wings to fly, you will free yourself from all the chains that stop you from dreaming. Hostile people live in hostile world, happy people live in happy world, pessimistic people- in pessimistic world. Remember that. #do good


Love makes the time pass, time makes love pass. – Euripides


Love and Time. Two things that can’t exist without each other. We couldn’t have felt love without time and times would have been painful without love. These powers can sometimes try to ruin not only each other, but also the soul. Why this happens? Is there a love, which lasts forever? Will we ever find it? Do we have to stop the time just for the ‘common’ love?

Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Love is a crime in which you have an accomplice. Let’s imagine a circle. Now let’s divide it into two halves. There are two semicircles that have to find their other half to make something perfect. Love is unique art that is felt in many different ways. The circle is the ‘true love’ – there aren’t any borders in it and everything is possible. The common love is like an unfinished picture- you have to add some more objects to it to make it picturesque. This is the first obstacle- will we have enough patience to bring our picture to an end or, is it better for the time to pass faster?

Euripides claimed that the greatest pleasure of life is love. I say that the greatest pleasure of life is time. If we want it to pass fast only because of love, we lose. Where will be the memories from the good times? If we don’t have events to learn from, then what will happen to us? And what if the moment we gave so much of our time to think about it, is not worth it?

We have to experience any kind of love- emotional or calm, so we can teach ourselves what (not) to do in the future. Love is an invincible beauty, which is worth seeing.

Short story about the little John- part 2


The house inside was different from what the boy expected- it was warm and the atmosphere was comfortable. The rooms were pink and there were flowers on the walls. ‘Please, have a seat.’- the man begged John.- ‘Do you want something to eat or drink?’ – ‘I don’t need your hospitality, sir.’- John replied with confidence. – ‘Could you just tell me, please, why did you kidnap me? What do you want from me? How could I be useful for you?’

The strange man got a very serious expression. ‘ I didn’t kidnap you. I just wanted to tell you that the world needs you now.’- ‘What do you mean with that?’ – John asked with surprise. – ‘The humanity is in a great danger. Last night I saw some terrific news on the TV; they were showing pictures of an alien spaceship, landing in this town. The person who took the photos has been missing since that day. The police had found only his camera and the pictures in it. It’s possible that aliens had carried him away, but nobody knows where he may be now. I’m sure that the aliens don’t want to be discussed and examined carefully by the human race, so they could cause damage to our planet because they might be angry about these broadcasts on TV. I’m really afraid!!’- the man almost started crying.

The man’s news came as a shock to John- he was just a little boy, who loved riding his bike. But what should he do to save his planet, where he, his family and friends live, where birds are singing, sun is shining, wind is blowing, stars are twinkling during the night? While he was wondering, the strange man smiled cheerfully and tapped John’s shoulder. ‘I’m joking. I’m just an old friend of your grandpa. He was worried about you and told me to look for you everywhere. Eh, I had found you. Now you are going home…’


Short story about the little John- part 1

So, today I’m going to share with you a part of my writing xD. It’s actually a fantasy tale, all copyrights reserved.♠


It was dark and stormy night. John was on his way home. He was scared to death of storms, especially of thunderbolts, so he rushed home anxiously. As he was walking along the street, a man stopped him. ‘Where are you going, little boy?’- the stranger smiled in gloating.

John had never seen this scary person before. The man was lanky and had a haggard, but clean-shaved face with greenish eyes, which reminded John of something bad and dangerous. He tried to escape from this stranger, but the man grabbed his hand with all the strength and started pulling the little boy across the street. John started screaming in horror. ‘Don’t be afraid, boy. I’m not that bad.”- the man said in cold heart.- ‘You will only make matters worse.’

This didn’t make John feel more comfortable, but he didn’t want to make this evil person hit the roof, so he started following him patiently. Soon they got in front of the man’s house. It was a two-storey house, which was painted in a dull colour. The yard was big, but the bushes hadn’t been cut for a long time. The place seemed like a jungle to John – he was sure that something awful was hiding behind the dark greenery. This jungle looked more dreadful because of the storm that night.


To be continued…