Time for lunch!

I’ve just received my blender and I’m simply in love with it! I decided to make myself salad in the blender. (a tomato, a cucumber, cheese, a carrot, corn, a radish)

food time (2)

food time (1)

It is ideal for overroasted slices of bread ^_^


London Trip Day 2 (part 2)



It was amazing when we got on the taxi. We went through the entire history of England, and it was very interesting. ^_^


Many many Oscars…


I even liked one university, UEL. And I hope I would be accepted in it after years. ❤


Some mugs which I bought for my friends ❤

Another sweet surprice from my love <3

SS850359Another sweet surprice from my love

I’m here again ^ ^ So, my boyfriend was away today, and I was really sad because i couldn’t see him during the day. He called me on my phone in the late afternoon, and told me: ” Look outside from your window.” I was VERY VERY excited when I saw him in front of my home with a bouquet of hyacinths <3<3<3<3 At first I was in panic, because I had just washed my hair, but soon got ready and went to see him. ILY ❤

Three roses- but WITHOUT THORNS!! ^^

Three roses- but WITHOUT THORNS!! ^^

Well, today wasn’t the best day. I woke up really early and had a cup of coffee. There was a lot of homework, and i had been writing it all morning. I had felt sick at noon, so i went to the doctor. She told me to have a little break for one week and to drink a lot of tea. ^^ My head is still spinning, but these 3 roses from my baby always make me smile, even in the bad times. ❤