Good morning, friends, on a very, very special day for us, Bulgarians.


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Enyovden, or Midsummer’s Day, is a variation of the Pagan Slavic Observance of the Summer Solstice. The Orthodox and Catholic churches celebrate it as the Day of St John the Baptist.

It is believed that the Sun oscillates at sunrise and whoever sees it, will be healthy throughout the year.

Herbs and water have magic abilities on this day. That is why women start gathering herbs before sunrise. They have to collect 77 and a half herb species.


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I will not go into much detail. Please refer to the sources I used below for more information. 🙂

Even though I am away from my home country, I decided to wake up early and gather some flowers from our garden. I dressed up in a traditional Bulgarian gown and plaited my hair.


Personal archive. hellorainb0w~


Personal archive. hellorainb0w~


Personal archive. hellorainb0w~

It is a wonderful feeling to literally reap the fruits of your labour.

Be blessed! ❤

– Love, Tinna



Bulgarian tradition – Enyovden

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Gift without a reason

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So, I passed through a little flower-shop and I saw this beautiful bouquet. I asked myself this question “Should we wait a birthday, a holiday, any reason to make a gift to our lovely mother?” Well, the answer was no. Time is passing, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. You are sure about now and only. It’s good to make surprises from time to time- you show your love towards the others, and at the same time you challenge yourself. ♥

“I realised that things are pretty good right now and although I know there will always be the trials and tribulations which accompany life – today I just say “Phew”.” — Jan Hellriegel aka Geraldine Power

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Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.
Martin Luther King
After so many good vibes and emotions these days, I realise that good doesn’t exist without bad. If we hadn’t experienced difficulties in our existence, we wouldn’t have appreciated the seconds of joy, laughter with friends, the time spent with our families. So, be grateful, for every lesson God gave you.